My professional approach centers on warmth and understanding. Children are quick to sense insincerity, so I pride myself on being genuine. I believe in therapy being individualized for the needs of the child and the family, and use my intuition, experience, and empathic listening to achieve this. I also am very calm and relaxed in my approach, though I utilize many different activities and types of play to engage kids. This increases the effectiveness of therapy and also makes it more fun for the clients!

My office is well equipped with the tools for play to both facilitate exploring and sharing and also for kids that need to express themselves in means other than verbalizing.  I also have an observation room that I sometimes utilize for parents, interns and myself.

​I enjoy working with children in the private practice setting, and am also working on furthering my skills as a child therapist by pursuing my registration in play therapy and my certification in Theraplay.  Please call me with any questions. I would love to see if I would be a good fit for your child.

Lindsay Gayle at Circle City Counseling, LLC

Circle City Counseling, LLC